• Prefabricated houses

    Enigma Bolt System has produced several models of prefabricated houses and working on the development of this product.

    Two storey house, 65 m2.

    Energy-efficient weekend house , 20m2.

    The project of energy efficient prefabricated houses, 185m2, for the Swedish market.

  • Boat Idea

    Brod Idea was made year 2002. Construction lasted 9 months.

    Dimensions WxLxH 5,5x 16x 6m

    Weight 35t.

    It is interesting that the company made such a ship, and that we had no experience in that field.

    To date circumnavigate the many rivers and the sea, was even in USA!

    Today's ship name "Nikola Tesla"

  • Prefabricated houses

    Two storey house, 65 m2, consists of four segments

  • Transportation

    It takes two trucks to transfer to another location.

  • Transportation

    Ground segment

Assemble your own container!

Containers Enigma can be delivered in parts.

For installation on your site need a nice day, a simple tool, a few friends, good will, and in a few hours, you can create your container! It should be noted that the maximum weight of the hardest parts of the under 50 kg, so you do not need any type of crane.

After installation, your container has all the properties, water resistance, rigidity, like it was made in our factory!

This is a very important feature, apply to inaccessible locations, roofs of buildings, and for delivery to remote locations.

Screw connection enable quick and efficient installation or assembly.