Enigma Bolt System od 2002. do danas...

  • Introduction

    Enigma Bolt System since 2002. is professionally engaged in the production of container and container facilities.

    The manufacturing process (VIDEO):

    Improvements in technology, we have come to a series of improvements to the production capacity, the method of of transport and installation on remote locations. Enigma Bolt System so far produced 120.000m2 and have the dynamics of production from 35 T-pack containers per a day, this makes it one of the leading producers in the region.

    In addition to the production of containers, the company also deals with the development of other products.

  • Capacity

    Production capacity depends on:

    Concept - product structure, number optimization, type of joints ...

    The technological process, the way of production, the order of operations and compliance..

    Degree of equipment of production plant and machine park.

    Personnel structure.


  • Tehnology

    Enigma Bolt System, following modern trends and in order to increase productivity, has conceived connections so that robotic welding lines can be applied.


  • Know How

    Experience of 14 years in research, development and application has enabled the design of factories of desired capacity, anywhere in the world!

  • Intresting projects

    Boat "Idea Beograd" 2002.