Modular Building Production

  • Introduction

    Enigma Bolt System since 2002. is professionally engaged in the production of container and container facilities.

    The manufacturing process (VIDEO):

    Improvements in technology, we have come to a series of improvements to the production capacity, the method of of transport and installation on remote locations. Enigma Bolt System so far produced 95.000m2 and have the dynamics of production from 35 T-pack containers per a day, this makes it one of the leading producers in the region.

  • Activities 2016/2018.

    2016.delivered over 1200 kontejnera to Hamburg, Germany.

    2017.equipped border crossing Batrovci, also a new block of the refinery Pancevo, export of container in parts of the Caribbean.

    2018. Export to Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Caribbean, contracted exports of a military camp for Sweden.

    Office Hungary............(VIDEO):

    Police station Šid........ (VIDEO):

    Office Delta Agrar........(VIDEO):

    Camp Power China.......(VIDEO):

  • Construction

    For the accommodation of a large number of people, both at the construction site for offices and for housing. By stacking multiple modules, space is obtained as desired. They can be one-storey, two-storey and three-storey.

  • Kids kindergartens tv report>>>

    Dunavska Bajka Borča 1000m2,
    Heroj Major Goran Savić Novi Banovci 650m2.

  • Inside...

    In accordance with the requirement, the interior of the container can be diverse