Modular building production

  • Description

    Here, it is primarily meant for single-individual containers.


    Wide It is common for all models: 2440mm.

    Length it ranges from 2440, then 3620, 4800, and 5980mm, this is because one whole wall panel is added.

    Height, standard exterior 2620mm, inside 2300mm.

  • Construction/insulation

    Construction: skeleton is made of galvanized HOP and boxed profiles with adequate static properties, maximum flooring Ground+I+II.

    Insulation:Floor PUR 40mm Wall PUR 50mm, Roof PUR 40mm and mineral wool 100mm.

    Doors&windows: PVC or Aluminium.

  • Standard containers

    For the accommodation of people, both on site for offices and for shops, warehouses and housing.
    Dimensions: width is always 2440mm, length from 2440 to 5980mm, step 1180mm.

  • Sanitary containers

    Sanitary facilities may be part of container toilets, and bathrooms

  • Transpack containers

    T-pack containers, packaged, are used to save space in transport (4 to 5 times). In this way can be transported eight to ten pieces.